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Jakarta A~Z (part #1)

Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia; the busiest and 24hours active city in Indonesia. Thanks God, I’ve been live there, witness the hype city of Indonesia, bad-ass traffic jam, spend hours in car, fastest growth city in Indonesia, feeling in love, unlock the better me, and many things to describe; soon, very soon I’ll return there back.

I will try to randomly post Jakarta A~Z into five parts.

A; Abang. it usually to call a man in Jakarta (mister in English) but usually for blue collar, and mid old man. for older one, you should call ’em with Bapak.

B; Bajaj. This is a 3 wheels public transportation, that only took you outside protocol road-usually at traditional market area. with no legal road meter, you must be smart enough to bargain it.


C; Combro. Its a traditional food from Jakarta, it made from potato wedges with spicy melting herb inside, fried and crisp outside. You can find it in traditional market less than a buck for 5 pieces.


D; Djayakarta. This is the old town of Jakarta, you can find the ancient of Jakarta here, it located at the north of Jakarta. Most of Djayakarta dominate by netherland theme, not only the building, but also the road still using blocks.

E; Electronic. This new future feature will start from Jakarta e.g. eMoney, eCommerce, eBanking, etc. also, all of electronic stuff will first launch in Jakarta as the benchmark to other cities. When it success – it will bring positive vibe to other cities in Indonesia.


kalibiru-sky under your feet

I’m proud to be Indonesian, my country’s beautiful nature landscape internationally was well known as Bali island aka. God island, but we literally has our predicate as “ratna mutu manikam” (in bahasa) means the jewel’s sequence. Why? because start from Sabang (west border) up to Merauke (east border) intertwined with beautiful scenery.

My last visit to Kalibiru, this is one of unpopular spot which located at Kulonprogo regency, 2 hours drive from Yogyakarta – but, this breathtaking view is should to see, imho. Unfortunately there’s no public transportation to got there, you must bring your own car, at the first stop you will be warn because of 60* degrees uplift with up to 3 kilometers to go up there. Second stop, you must park your vehicle and continue with walk around 400 meters (extra 60* degrees). Last stop, you must give entrance retribution $1/ person. Then, you will see natural forest under your feet like green carpet, even you can see the haze under your feet. its worth it!

Still want something cool? there’re 5 spot at the top of the tree you can climb in. They’re pro! they rent a harness (body safety rope) for free. You will see a breathtaking view from the top of the tree, and viola! the sky under your feet.





untap spot

in last 2 months, I’ve moved to Solo. it boost well known with its many famous people in this country, name it: “Soeharto” (the smiling general) with his 32years dominance as President in Indonesia, also the talk of town “Jokowi” who succeed to held international annual event in Solo e.g Solo city jazz, Solo batik carnival, etc. Forget it, in this post I would like to encourage you guys to explore untap spot in city you visit in. I’ve visited so many cities in Indonesia, and of course I’ve explore untap spot (will upload soon). Here, in last 2 months which some people-even in this city hasn’t visited it yet.

left side: Soeharto mansion aka. ndalem kalitan, where Soeharto spend his time in Solo, located in downtown with almost 100 are square!! tons of precious items from many countries in the world, its worth it and you must accompany with (abdi ndalem) buddy, because lot of fragile item and quite spooky. hehehee

right side: Ramayana ballet, it’s an art and great Ramayana performance beside the mystical Prambanan temple (located at Klaten). Its worth it to see, with very talented artists who play that drama well. You must check the schedule, it has some dates that prohibited to show.

Enjoy your trip, visit untap spot, share!

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