Who doesn’t love pets? their cuteness never failed to attract also enliven the house. There’re many kinds of it e.g fish, dog, cat, bird, etc. and there’re many subjective reason “why” people taking care of it. I am one of pet lover when entered elementary school, I have many kind of pet from common pet like dog, fish, bird; until uncommon pet like lizard. From many kind of pets, fish is my favorite one; nowadays I have a fish tank with colorful discus which live in aquascape tank (aquascape: is art of planting water trees within fish tank). it makes your living room more natural and one of my fav spot for stress release after had a terrible traffic jam. (in road-seems like want to throw putrid egg to the motorist) -> skip this words, I borrow it from peonytale 🙂

my discus which live in aquascape tank – inside trees there’re many colorful shrimp also.

This fish tank, only as a hobby even it tooks my account into bottom line. end story.

In last couple months, when I went to field especially at birds market. Suddenly, it throwback my memories when I was young as a bird (pigeon) breeder. It can support my entertainment expense at least, lol. My eyes  was attracted by this kind of bird: LOVEBIRD (it call lovebird, because when it meet his pair attract from first sight, down to heart, and they’re in love – so sorry it too melodramatic), lol. Seriously, when met his/her pair they become a couple, and they will fly everywhere together, feed each other (I saw it as a bird kissing, envy with it)

I decided to bought many couples, set up a new big cage 1.5 x 1 x 2m height, with some bird house and some grass to be as natural as their real environment, and read some article. I want to breed it, to breed a birds not only need those kind of thing, but also supported quite environment, not too loud, also your time to taking care of it properly. Learning from my previous succeed on bird breeding, nowadays I will continue and focus with lovebird breeding. In couple months I will tell you my success story of it, because some couples has hatch its eggs and soon their babies born, ready to sell 🙂