K; Karedok. Karedok is a simple salad with raw vegetables as main ingredients with nut sauce and fried red onion as topping. It taste a lil bit spicy, but mixed with sweet sauce and do never left the crackers for topping. It’s not a salad for main course, it usually as side dish with nasi uduk (coconut rice). You never come to Jakarta, when you haven’t try karedok.


L; Lindeteves. Wow, once I hear it, the name’s was so internasional. Nope, it actually the place at Kota/ Hayam Wuruk area which well known with its LTC (Lindeteves Trade Center) who has specific sell industrial machines from local – international, low up to premium price segment. LTC also well known as the center of (like origin) DVD 😀 it only less that a quarter price compare with real DVD.

M; Mangga Dua. Please don’t bring your mom here, Mangga Dua is the center, even the biggest fashion (like origin) brands which focusing on bags, shoes, all women fashion. I guarantee you will amaze with its price of LV, Guess, even Hermes which less than $100. The quality? don’t ask it. Only person who know the brands who will recognize it, its 1:1 to the real one.

N; National Monument. It usually called Monas (Monumen Nasional) the symbol of Indonesia, it build by first Presiden Soekarno (my fav) who represent Jakarta as capital city of Indonesia. You can goes up and see Jakarta from the top of Monas, and as you can see – there a gold flame to represent the wealth of Indonesia.