In last few weeks, I found a new but old (should to be) my interest: toys photography! yes, it start with my photography interest in, but it specific for toys. Have you heard before?

I’ve collected many toys, In recent weeks I’ve found a new way to release my pain with a new hobbies: RC (remote control), start with speed offroad, rock crawler, with the hard one: DRONE, but it not just ended by wasting your money on this toys. I try to combine my unusual point of view to it. I snap this toys to be real, bring it to the next level – not only toys but could be a realistic objects.

Tips: propagandis title, using macro, increase the blur level, and combine it with additional property.

Here’s some backyard toys photography by newbie 🙂

“Help commander, we hit Iceland” (TOMICA, white sugar, icy effect)


“Nothing can stop me” (Rock Crawler at real rock layout, with high contrast)